Who can sell art on our site


Who can sell art on our site

who can sell art

It seems that there is some confusion as to who can sell art on Australian United Artists. Not only that, some people are unsure if the art they wish to sell is acceptable.

  • Did you create the artwork in Australia?
  • Is it original as opposed to a copy?*
  • Will you post it to the buyer from an Australian address?

Answer yes to all three and you are right to go.

OK. That is one sorted. Now to the other item we should discuss.

Does your art fit the site's vision

Let's say that you have an original artwork by an Australian artist that you purchased as an investment. It was painted in Australia. It depicts an Australian scene.

You have decided it is time to sell it. Can you sell it on this site?

The short answer is, no.

The reason it is not allowed is because of the sites vision,

"The vision of this site is to show art for sale by bringing together artists of all genres and lovers of original art"

If you are selling someone else's art, it does not fit into that ethos.

*(Limited edition prints excepted)

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