What Defines Art In Todays Society?


Art In Todays Society

art in todays society

Well, what is art in today's society?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines art like this**:

a) the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects the art of painting landscapesalso :  works so produced a gallery for modern art

b) decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter

This barely touches on what makes something into "art".

Art techniques and tools

art in todays society

Artists of old, Constable, Monet, Degas etc, had an extremely limited variety of tools to work with. Today's artists have an absolute plethora of tools at their disposal to create art.

The artist specialising in acrylic paintings has a list of mediums as long as your arm to use in constructing an artwork. These include mediums for impasto (thickeners), glazing, retarders (liquid and gel), flow, airbrush, to name just a few.

Then there are the huge variety of brushes, taklon, hog, mongoose etc in an unbelievable range of shapes, lengths and quality.


Certainly the "conscious use of skill and creative imagination" are necessary. These can be learned by anyone. Some will learn faster than others.

Let's go back to tools for a moment. While there are, as said, many tools available, learning to use them is also a skill. Too much water added to a pouring medium will result in the flow of paint being too fast, and worse than that, the adhesion of the paint to the board will be compromised.


There are still vandals who paint "tags" on household fences and the walls of buildings. They mistakenly believe that this is artistic. There are also many highly skilled artists who are commissioned to pain the sides of buildings, bus shelters and so on. This is modern art on a grand scale.

The walls of Perth's Elizabeth Quay bus station are adorned with paintings by an artist named Leanne Bray. I am guessing the height of the walls painted at around thirty feet.

Where does modern art fit in

Let's not confuse modern art with abstract art. The term "modern art' encompasses all art that is created using modern methods.

Modern art fits into many situations. There are many sculptures around our cities that tend to play on the use of form and shape, confusing the eye.

Take a look into any of the foyers in the city centre buildings and you will see examples of modern art gracing their walls.

Where can you get your art hung?

Getting your art hung on display is not easy. But there are opportunities to have your art displayed too. I am not saying it is easy. Canvas situations such as doctors surgeries, dentist's physio's etc.

Ask if you can display your art there. Perhaps enter into an agreement where you have a business card pinned next to it with a price. Make the agreement that if one of their clients buys your art then they get a commission.

Are you a modern artist?

It makes no difference if you are a sculptor, a painter or a potter. You might be a glass blower or make leadlight glass decor. None of this matters. Regardless of the genre of art you have chosen to make your own, you are a modern artist.

Why? Because you cannot help or avoid being influenced in some way by the society we live in. Those influences flow through to your artwork in either the design, the method, or the feeling conveyed by the art.

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Source - Meriam-Webster