Want To Take The Headache Out Of Hunting For Genuine Australian Art?

Want To Take The Headache Out Of Hunting For Genuine Australian Art?

Genuine Australian Art

Genuine Australian art lives here. When an artist puts his art on this site, he is giving a warranty that it is actually Australian art.

What is Australian art?

To be classed as Australian art suitable for selling on this site, the art needs to meet a few simple guidelines.

It must have been created in Australia.

It must be created by the artist selling the art. That is, only the artist can sell, not an agent of the artist.*

It must be posted from an Australian address.**

Subject matter and style

The genuine art on the site can be of any subject the artist chooses. It could be a still life painting, or a portrait of an animal. Maybe a landscape or an abstract painting.

Then again, the artist may have created a sculpture or a wood carving or a turned piece of wood art.

Or perhaps the artist is a potter. Then he will be selling anything from bowls and jugs to ceramic animals or purely decorative plates.

No upfront costs

When you sell art on the site you will not be asked to pay anything upfront. Our tiny fee is deducted from the sale price of your art, including the PayPal charges that amounts to 12.6%. Plus the weird 30 cents additional from PayPal.

Check out the competition. You will see fees of around 30%.

*This is to prevent people buying and re-selling art.

**Our postage calculator uses Australia Post to ensure Australian our postage estimates are as accurate as possible.

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