Why I support Fred Hollows Foundation

Support Fred Hollows Foundation, Why?

I support the Fred Hollows Foundation as my way of giving. "Pay it forward" is the phrase commonly used. The foundation has restored sight to millions, yes millions of people. Worldwide.

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My Story

Losing your eyesight is one of, if not the worst, things that can happen to you. I know, it happened to me.

There I was being the helpful soul, doing one of life's most mundane jobs. Picking up dog poos from the back yard.

The injury

There was a short fence in the yard made out of the old favourite corrugated iron, with a nice rusty edge. Well you can guess whats coming.

As I bent down to pick up one of those lovely deposits, the fence was edge on to my line of vision. It made contact with my left eye. The pain was instant and excruciating. I was instantly blinded. It was as if my right eye went on strike in sympathy. I could not force either eyelid to open.

I managed to crawl and feel my way into the house from where we went to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. On arrival the triage nurse must have seen us arrive and she assessed me immediately, skipping a dozen or so other people who were waiting. They gave me a pain-killer injection of pethadine.


After a short time it was decided that they could not treat me and I was transferred to another hospital. As they took me out of the ED the sunlight hit me and the pain came back with a vengeance. I had a panic attack and tried to jump off the gurney and run away. After a while the staff got me calm again and the transfer proceeded.

At Royal Perth Hospital

At the next hospital the doctors saw me immediately and injected something into my eye. After two doctors had a look and a chat to each other they told me that I had torn the cornea in the left eye and that it was simply because of the pain that my right eye was refusing to open. They told me that my left eye would "relax" in time and the vision would return. Which it did.

Until it did, which was a few hours later, I the most traumatic and fear ridden time of my life.

Wrapping Up

I only lost my sight for that short time. There are millions of people who have irreparable damage to their sight. The Fred Hollows Foundation returns sight to people. Just $25 can return someones sight.

I pledge to donate 25% of any money I make from selling my art to the foundation. If you don't buy one of my paintings please consider making a donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation.


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