So You Want To Buy An Oil Painting, What next?

buy an oil painting

About Buying Art -  Buy An Oil Painting And Care for It

One of the most personal items anyone can buy is a piece of artwork. It does not really matter whether it’s a carving, a drawing or perhaps blown glass.  Or a painting in oils which is today’s subject.

Where will it go?

Firstly, before you buy an oil painting, consider where you intend to hang it. What is the color theme in the room? If your decor uses a yellow color palette as its base then a painting that swings towards the purples, blues or pinks will most likely suit. How about a study of a lavender farm or bush? On the other hand, if your room is mainly blue tones perhaps a red to orange painting will be best. Maybe a sunset with warm reds and oranges. These are just ideas that I would recommend, but as I said, buying a painting is very personal.

When buying online it makes it simpler really. You see a painting you like and think it may look good. Take a photo of the blank wall and hold it next to the computer screen. Get the picture zoomed into full screen, and you should get an idea if the colors work for you. You might then ask your partner to hold the computer,  tablet or iPad up to the proposed hanging spot. Another way would be to print the screen but this could be interpreted as copyright theft, so be careful!

How to Care For Your Purchase

Once you buy an oil painting, you will want to keep it looking as good as possible. Keeping your oil painting out of direct sunlight will help. Your artwork might have a protective layer of varnish, but it is still possible for it to crack or fade if subjected to strong Australian sunshine for extended periods of time.

Dust your artwork with a clean, soft rag occasionally to prevent dust buildup. Don’t use cleaning products or water!

Do not frame artworks on canvas under glass, because canvas needs to breathe, if it is framed under glass you may trap moisture inside the frame, leading to mould.