Selling Art in Australia

Selling Art in Australia

sell art in australia


To be successful at selling art in Australia, or anywhere, is always a challenge, but not an unsurmountable one.

The online galleries of Australian United Artists continue to grow as more artists realise that they can sell their art without being charged 30% commission. You have just found a better way to sell.

New categories

I was recently asked the question, “I was considering selling graphite drawing, but you don’t seem to have a category for it, can you do anything about this?”

No problem. There are now categories for Charcoal drawings, Coloured Pencil art, and of course Graphite. If there is one thing artists will discover at Australian United Artists, it is that we want to accommodate all genres of art.

So, if you are an Australian artist and would like to sell your work here but do not see a suitable category just flick me an email with the contact form. I will respond as soon as possible.

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