How to Sell Art in Australia

You can sell at a fixed price or by auction.

sell art by auction

You could stand at a market stall all day for weeks instead of creating artwork!

There are some points to consider when selling art.

The art itself.

How long did it take to create or in other words, what is my time worth?

What was the cost of the materials I used?

Did I have to pay for postage to obtain those materials?

Scroll down for the to submit art.


You can upload three photos of your art.

If you want to sell art, make sure they are in focus.

For paintings or drawings try to get the picture as straight as possible so it does not look offset like this one:

Keep the picture uncluttered.


Be descriptive. What inspired the piece? Think about it as if you were the shopper. What would pique your interest in an object? Give the artwork a meaningful description of up to thirty-five words.

Reduced Prices / On Sale

If an object of art is not selling you can always reduce the price (small admin fee). To do this, send an email or use the contact form.

Postage / Packing

Some websites simply add a fixed amount to each listing usually $50 or $100 depending on the artwork. We feel this is unfair as shipping costs depend greatly upon how far it the item is traveling. When you sell art with us, it is done properly.

So, when a buyer adds your art to a shopping cart, they will be asked to submit a request for a shipping quotation. Site admin already has your postcode and the shipping request will give us the buyers postcode. A price for postage can then be accurately obtained and then the buyer will be invoiced for your art.

Insurance in transit is recommended. It is not very expensive. Use the form below to submit your art for sale. Scroll down to use the "sell by auction" form.


Yes, you can choose to sell by auction on this site. Just like eBay only better as all we sell is art.

The form to sell art by auction is here.

Use this form to sell art at a fixed price.

Please enter your first and last names

Please note that all three sizes are required for Australia Post Calc.

Max 1 Mb Jpeg

*Does not include Paypal fee.