Why Sell Art With Australian United Artists

Why Sell Art With Australian United Artists

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Sell art with individually written SEO for each artwork

As an artist, when you sell art with us your listing receives individual SEO. The SEO is built upon the description you provide when submitting art for sale.

Three images per artwork

On Australian United Artists, each listing comes with three images. You could use one of these images to show your artwork in a position or setting that complements it.

More than one way to sell

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Giving art buyers more choices in how to shop for art makes good sense.

Sell Art By Auction

This site is, I believe, unique in that there is more than one way to sell your artwork. Alternatively, you can list your art for sale in an auction format. With the art auctions format, you set the reserve price (the minimum you will accept for your art). You can also specify the starting price and a buy it now prices. if you wish.

This means your art may appear listed in a way that bidding must start at say $60. When your reserve price of say $120 is reached the art will then sell. Bidding will continue until the listing ends. Auction listings last one week. As auction listings are set as free delivery, it is wise to set your reserve high enough to cover post and packing costs to anywhere in Australia. There are plenty of postage calculators online to help with this.

Sell at a fixed price

You may prefer to sell at a fixed price. If you choose this option there is no need to build freight into your art price as postage is calculated at the checkout. Selling art this way is how other sites operate.

Freight calculated properly

I have seen sites where, when you list art for sale, they simply add $50 or even $100 onto your price. I believe this is unfair to the consumer. When freight is calculated at the checkout on this site a number of things happen almost instantly. As the buyer starts to enter their address the site "talks" to Australia Post. The Australia Post site reads the dimensions and weight of your packed artwork and returns updated postage costs to the buyer.

Non-exclusive rights to sell

Selling on this site does not stop you from selling elsewhere. You can have your art listed here and on other sites, if you wish. All that is asked is if you do succeed in selling elsewhere, you let us know so we can remove that artwork from the site to prevent buyers being disappointed.

What makes us better?

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