Scamwatch warns of social media scams

Scamwatch warns of social media scams


Scamwatch has said that many Australians are losing money to scammers on social media, particularly through dating and romance or fake traders.


This warning could negatively impact business ventures that are legitimate and still fairly new. Like this website.

It leaves me thinking that my prospective customers (you, the artist) may be hesitant to list your art for sale through the website So how can I reassure everyone that this is a legitimate site, not a scam?

Sell Art Online

Some artists have already joined what I like to think of as an art revolution and decided to sell art online by listing their work on the site. That should go some way to showing the site's integrity.

Another way is to use one of the many WHOIS sites to check out the site.

But the best way would probably be through the good old ATO. Why the Australian Tax Office? Because you can use the ABN lookup tool and find that the ABN number 21088476586 is registered to me, Chris Stefanis.

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