Same Sex Marriage In Australia

Same Sex Marriage In Australia

same sex marriage

Same sex marriage voting letters in Australia have started arriving. This is a total waste of all taxpayers monies. Costing an estimated One Hundred And Twenty Million Dollars that could and should be spent elsewhere.

Why? Because of the fact that if the yes vote wins, the parliament will then have a vote on whether to make our vote part of the constitution and therefore law. Malcolm Turnbull leads a weak party, weakly.

People in same sex relationships are recognised as married/defacto couples by Centrelink. As this is undeniably the case, this vote should never even have been considered.

The money spent on same sex marriage vote

The money could have gone to: state housing for Homeswest (and it's interstate equivalents), Law enforcement, Surf Life Saving, Anti-Terrorism (securing shopping precincts against terror trucks), Job Creation, Infrastructure, Animal Welfare etc. This list could be endless.

The damage is done now. The money has been spent.

Don't cruise along thinking that the vote is a done deal. Make sure to vote YES so the money is not totally wasted.

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