Original Art For Sale

Original Art For Sale

Our original art for sale on this site is created by Australian artists. As this site is wholly owned by an Australian artist, buying through it keeps your money in the Australian economy. One of the nicest things to have in your home is a piece of original artwork.

Original art for sale

Buying Art

When buying original art in the past it was difficult, certainly difficult to find something reasonably priced. Nowadays it is very easy. No need to go traipsing all over town looking at individual galleries. All you need do is look through our online gallery and find the perfect piece.

Our Original Art For Sale Is Different

original art for sale

There are three main points that make this gallery different from others.

The first point is in two parts. Firstly, we do not charge the struggling artist thirty percent commission on sales. Nor do we charge artists a listing fee for gallery sales. Our fees are capped at 10%.

What kind of original art for sale do you want?

The second point is that Australian United Artists does sell only paintings. We accept art from all art genres. I believe no other gallery does so. This means that artists can sell carvings, paintings, sculptures, pottery, glass art, ceramics, all from the one location which gives the buyer more variety of choice.

The third is that Australian artists can sell their work by auction through this site. Once again, there is no charge for listing and commission is capped at 10%.

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Oh, and don't miss out on our charity auction to help the Fred Hollows Foundation. The Fred Hollows Foundation does fantastic work throughout Australia and in struggling communities around the world. A great many people are needlessly blind. A donation to the Foundation of just $25 can restore someone's sight.

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