Mural Art Opportunities For Artists

Mural Art Opportunities

If you are a mural artist, there are lots of opportunities for mural art becoming available. With the state of the world today we all know that terrorism is a real threat no matter where you live in Australia or anywhere else you would care to mention.

Where to  find work as a mural artist

Shopping precincts in all Australian cities are potential targets for low life terrorists. To protect the public, city councils are starting to place concrete barriers at the entrances to shopping precincts. These are functional but pretty ugly looking things. So I suggest that if you work in Mural Art you get on the phone or write in to your local city councils and put yourself forward with a proposal to paint the barriers.

You might also see tenders being called for in newspapers by councils seeking quotes for the decorating of the barriers. You could also check the council websites for notices too.

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