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Inspired Art

Do you ever look at a blank canvas wishing you could create inspired art but your brain is a complete blank? Even if you have reference material this can still happen. All artists have this version of writers block once in a while. But how do you overcome it?


inspired artwork

Ways to break the creative block

One thing you can do is get rid of the blank canvas, paper, board or whatever your choice is. Apply a pale wash over the entire surface. Burnt Sienna is a good choice. You will be amazed at how much less daunting that canvas now appears.

Alternatively, you could put away your brushes and swap to pastels, or vice versa. Using an alternative medium can change the way you approach an artwork. Why not head outside with a pencil or charcoal stick and do a drawing of your yard. Put a time limit on it. Say a five minute sketch. Do not think about it too much, draw quickly and freely.

You could try drawing without taking your eye off the subject. This will help to loosen your work up while re-inforcing your hand/coordination.

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