How To Sell My Art


How To Sell My Art

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How to sell my art is a question that is always at the forefront of every artist's mind.

In fact, this could quite likely influence the artwork that you create. Constantly thinking about how you can sell art dampens your creativity.

You may spend time at markets or fairs losing a whole day of your precious time. This also costs you financially as there are no doubt entry or registration fees.

Worst of all you get disheartened when you return home without having sold an artwork.

Sell Online With Australian United Artists

On my site, you can sell your art with confidence
You do not need to register to sell art
You retain the copyright of the art for sale
You keep the art until you have been paid
You pay a maximum of 10% commission
You can still sell your art elsewhere (simply let me know if you do so we do not have a disappointed buyer)

Australian United Artists is owned by me. I live in the Perth Hills, Western Australia. While my site may not have been around for years, there has aleady been an art auction in partnership with the Fred Hollows Foundation. The site has 97 registered buyers for our newsletter and that number is growing all the time.

Genre's of art that are accepted on my site range from abstract art right through to wood turning.

Share this post around your artists network. You and your peers deserve to be treated fairly. Do not pay up to the 30% commission that is charged elsewhere. Jump on board and go to the sell art page to sell now.

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