How much is my art worth? and can I sell it?

How much is my art worth and can I sell it?

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How much is my art worth and can I sell it?

Art is a very emotional and evocative subject. All artists hope to engage the viewer's mind and cause them to interpret the artwork in a special way. Some people will look at a painting of a single feather and see a pen and imagine that it could have been used to write some prose. Others will imagine the bird that the feather came from and visualise the freedom of flight, while others will see a feather and simply enjoy the colours used in the work.

Can I sell it?

Absolutely. All art can be sold. It is really a matter of getting the art seen, and more importantly, seen by lots of people. That is why we continue to advertise this site and employ white hat Seo techniques to drive the site along the bumpy internet highway.

How much is it worth?

Consider how long you spent creating your art. Whether it is a painting or a piece of pottery or glass art, your time is worth money, so put a dollar value on it per hour.

What was the cost of materials used in creating the artwork? Add that in too. And don't forget to include the cost of the postage you may have paid to get those materials!

Are you going to recoup the postage for sending your sold artwork by adding a separate freight charge or will you build the cost postage into the price? You can see how it can soon add up.


And let's not forget the packaging you will use to ensure your artwork arrives undamaged at the buyers home. And will you insurance your creation while in transit?

What about a frame?

A simple example of costs

Our feather painting.

Time: $30/hr. Three hours physically creating the artwork.

Canvas: 16 x 20 inch Xtra thick, triple primed $33

Paint (archival): Total of around 40ml at $12

Frame (economy): $95

Packaging (bubble wrap, foamcore, cardboard,tape): $15

Postage: $45

That's a total of $290

Remember, there is a buyer out there for every piece of artwork.

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