Get My Art Seen

Get My Art Seen

Get My Art Seen

Artists' are always asking themselves the question, "How can I get my art seen".

Art listings

You can be sure that when you list your art for sale on Australian United Artists, it will be seen.

I can say that with confidence because no matter what the subject matter, style or medium every listing on the site is shown on several social media channels. They include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Path and Google +.

I have been asked why we use a form for art submissions instead of an auto listing tool. This is because in addition to the social media sharing mentioned, each and every listing received is optimised for SEO by our own webmaster. That is why we do not use an auto-listing tool as other sites do.

Why are fees so low?

This is another question that regularly crops up. Our commission fees are capped at a low 10%. The reasoning behind this is simple.

The site is owned and operated by an artist who is tired of the ridiculously high commission fees asked for by both bricks and mortar galleries and our competitors in the Australian art market.

Sending art

It may seem obvious, but the question still gets asked, "When do I post my sold art?"

Never send your art until you have received the payment from the site. We will never ask you to send art before you have been paid.

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