Three Ways To Get Art Sold Plus More


Get Art Sold

get art sold

As an artist you are always looking for ways to get art sold. I believe that my site, Australian United Artists, is the first in Australia to combine several art selling tools under the one roof.

Australian United Artists accepts all the main recognised art genres to it's gallery. In fact, if you think we are missing a category for your art, please let me know.

I  designed the gallery for Australian artists. Only Australian artists are allowed to sell on the site.

Genres of art accepted for sale cover a huge range of artistic creativity.

Artists can sell paintings, contemporary, abstract or any other style.

They can also sell:

  • Ceramics
  • Pottery
  • Glass Art
  • Digital Paintings
  • Pastel Art
  • Wood Carvings
  • Sculptures
  • Wood Turnings

Is this an Australian first? I believe it is. I am also confident that with a commission fee cap of 10%**, artists receive unprecedented value by using this site.

Ways To Sell  Your Art

The first way to sell art is by fixed price. When you send in your art listing it goes through individual SEO.

The second way is to auction art. You set the reserve price (the lowest price you will accept) and also the "buy it now" price. SEO is again applied to each listing.

The third way is to reduce the price of your artwork^^. When you ask for this to be done a special flag appears in the gallery on the artwork. EG. SAVE $50.

The site is continually promoted with advertising. Add your art now and be treated fairly with a maximum of only 10% commission.

Sell Art Now

Auction Art Now


**Plus PayPal fees of, for example, art sells for $100, the Paypal fee would be $2.90.

^^ $5 admin fee.