Fred Hollows Charity Art Auction Next Weekend

Fred Hollows Charity Art Auction

It is almost here!

Fred Hollows Charity Art Auction

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Rose had been affected by corneal scarring and bilateral cataracts for a long time, she does not remember how long.
Rose and Simila are of the Samburu people (Longeli clan).
Rose has 3 children: Lmeitalon (son 16 years old), Sabella Ntarika and Simila (daughters).
Rose's surgery took place on 27 March 2007 at the Baragoi Eye Camp. James Maina performed cataract surgery on one of Rose's eye.
Brian Doolan, CEO of The FHF wrote a story about his experiences with Rose and Simila. *** Local Caption *** Ten year old Simila waits with her blind mother, Rose, at Baragoi District Hospital. Samburu District (Rift Valley Province, Kenya). Photo courtesy of Hugh Rutherford.

The auction

There will be two artworks auctioned in aid of the Fred Hollows Foundation.

One is titled Mind Reflections, painted by Peter Kopilow. The other is Uluru, painted by Chris Stefanis. Both paintings are framed.

Mind Reflections

peter kopilow art for sale

Mind Reflections is painted in acrylics and is 45 x 45 cm. When bidding on this artwork, please remember that a mere $25 can restore someones eyesight!

The second artwork for auction next weekend is Uluru by Chris Stefanis. The canvas size of this painting is 60 x 30 cm. This painting is done in acrylics on stretched canvas.

uluru art auction

Please support this endeavour and share the details of the auction with your colleagues, friends and social networks. Giving the gift is sight is one of the greatest things you can possibly do.

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