Fairer auction fees

Fairer auction fees

fairer auction fees buy oil paintings for sale

Auctions were first introduced with a flat fee of 10% per sale. I have decided that this is not fair and have changed the fee structure to a sliding scale or table to provide fairer auction fees. The table is pretty straightforward as you can see below.

Final Value Fees
From (AUD) To (AUD) Amount %
$0.00 $50.00 6.99
$50.01 $100.00 6.30
$100.01 $250.00 3.99
$250.01 $500.00 2.99
$500.01 $50,000.00 2.50

With our current terms of service, the first three items you list for sale at a fixed price or by auction will not have a commission fee charged against them. The first three are those in listed chronological order, not by sold chronological order.

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