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Why an Australian Art Forum?

australian art forum

Before we answer the question, "why an Australian art forum?" let's ask another question. Why have a forum at all, surely Facebook is all we need?

Facebook is a fabulous place to share your artwork with your friend's but you should consider the advantages that a forum can offer. A properly laid out forum splits up art into several categories. This site's forum has 30 topic categories. The use of categories makes finding the answers to posted questions simple. Posts on FB get easily lost and you find yourself scrolling through lots of other items and often get sidetracked.

This is not something that happens on a dedicated forum. You want critique on your art so you post a topic asking for that. When you come back to look all you need do is open the critique topic, scroll down to the title of your post and you are there. Much faster.

Why an exclusive forum?

Our forum is an exclusive one in the sense that it is made for Australian artists. There are other certainly other art forums out there. Having browsed the web looking for art forums I have failed to find one that was specifically aimed at Australian artists. Our forum is just for Australians. You do not need to be selling art to join the forum.

You can join our Australian Art Forum here.

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