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sell your art online

Why sell your art online?

I am pretty sure that the majority of artists would feel fairly dejected after standing at a market stall, like the bloke in the picture, all day long. Especially on the weekend when you could be concentrating on creating more artworks!

Why not your own site?

Using the service of this site you do not need to think about search engine optimisation. It is all done in the background by us. If you were to create your own site on something else. Let's call it Free Sites For All, you will find SEO very time consuming, (if it even allows you to manage that in the first place!).

It is a fact that Google prefers sites with regularly changing content. Unfortunately, images are not counted as real content. This is another thing that takes you away from your real focus, art.

What type of art does this site accept?

We believe we are the first Australian site to open it's doors to all genres of artistic endeavour. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is very true with art. Some homeowners will decorate their house with paintings, while others are keen on ceramics or wood turnings. Others may favour sculptures or glass objects.

This is why we gladly accept:

Paintings, both traditional paints, pastels and digital

Ceramics and pottery

Drawing and sketching

Glass art

Mixed media


Wood carvings and turnings

Oh, and one last thing

There is also an auction section on the site where you can sell art by auction as you can set a reserve price. You can safely sell your art online with us.

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