Buy Art Online For Charity

Buy Art Online For Charity


Children from the Wugularr community. East of Katherine (Northern Territory, Australia). Photo courtesy of Names of children unknown.

Your Opportunity

This is your chance to buy art online for charity. All proceeds will go to the Fred Hollows Foundation. This auction is being run in partnership with the Foundation.

Community fundraising Id number 921294.

Paintings for sale

This is the second auction we have run in partnership with the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Just $25 can restore someone's sight. Don't believe that such a small amount could make a difference? Check out the Fred Hollows site to confirm it.


Rose had been affected by corneal scarring and bilateral cataracts for a long time, she does not remember how long.
Rose and Simila are of the Samburu people (Longeli clan).
Rose has 3 children: Lmeitalon (son 16 years old), Sabella Ntarika and Simila (daughters).
Rose's surgery took place on 27 March 2007 at the Baragoi Eye Camp. James Maina performed cataract surgery on one of Rose's eye.
Brian Doolan, CEO of The FHF wrote a story about his experiences with Rose and Simila. Ten-year-old Simila waits with her blind mother, Rose, at Baragoi District Hospital. Samburu District (Rift Valley Province, Kenya). Photo courtesy of Hugh Rutherford.


How much does the site get for this auction?

Nothing, nada, zilch. We do not get paid for the auction in any manner whatsoever.

This charity auction is simply my way of trying to do something for others less fortunate, in the same way I give clothes I no longer wear to charity.

Watch out for the @FredHollows retweets of my tweets @_australianart promoting this auction. That will hopefully dispel any doubts you have about the legitimacy of the auction.

What is being sold?

There are several artworks up for sale on the auction. Read the descriptions of the artworks on the auction page to confirm exactly what you are bidding for.

All art for sale will be live for bidding from midday the 9th of this month at the latest. (Note that nothing will be available for bidding until very late Friday, Sept 8th)

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