Ayers Rock Artwork

This my work in progress of Ayers Rock.

ayers rock

I have started the painting of Ayers Rock in artists acrylics on stretched canvas. The rock will be the main feature of the painting. The foreground has been laid in with  Cadmium Yellow and Burnt Sienna as a base for building the bush and trees on.

The sky is Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White while the rock is Burnt Sienna with a few simple highlights thrown in. The shadows are still to be done. Actually, there is still a lot to do before it is ready for sale.

There are chasms on the sides of Ayers Rock that have to be painted in before any of the middle distance and foregrounds are painted.

I have used both brush and knifework in the foundations of this painting. Ayers Rock is, of course, also known as Uluru. Did you know that Ayers Rock is the second largest monolith in Australia?

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