Australian Wall Art By Local Artists

Australian Wall Art

australian wall art

Looking for Australian wall art? Australian United Artists has a unique range of artwork for sale by Australian artists.

Australian Artists

Our artists reside all over Australia. This means we have, depending on what has been sold, Melbourne art, Sydney art, Perth art, Adelaide art etc etc.

Paintings are not all that we sell. Artists can sell wood carvings, blown glass, digital paintings, mixed media and so on.

Sell Art

If you are an artist looking to sell your artwork, you have also come to the right place. I believe that with commissions starting from a low 2.5% you can sell your art economically.

There are no up front costs for selling art. Also, you do not need to register to sell art either. Just use the form on the "Sell Art" page. Your listing will be processed by our webmaster to ensure it is properly set for SEO. This helps Google to see your artwork.

Student Art

If you are an art student, you can also sell your work here. I know that there are art students who create fabulous art. So sell yours now.