Where To Buy Australian Art

Where to buy Australian art

where to buy australian art

Buy Australian art from Australian United Artists. We only sell quality Australian art through our online art gallery.

Here at Australian United Artists we believe in treating our Australian artists fairly. We do not charge them any listing fee and our commission is capped at a low 10%.

Buying Australian Art

When you buy art from this site you can be sure that it is truly Australian art. It must be said, however, that our Australian artists may produce artwork depicting scenes that are not Australian. This is still Australian art because it was created by an Australian in Australia. We do not sell overseas art.

Our Australian artists

Our artists can not only sell oil paintings and acrylic paintings. This is I believe the only Australian site to have artists that sell ceramics, glass art and much more.

So the obvious choice of where to buy Australian art is here, at Australian United Artists. A site wholly owned and operated in Australia by an Australian artist.

All art on this site is © Copyright of the artist.

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Copyright Art And Social Media

Copyright Art And Social Media

copyright art

Why use social media?

Using social media can provide advantages for artists. These advantages include promotion of work and announcing any achievements. There can be disadvantages too. As an artist you need to be aware of what you are agreeing to when you open a social media account. Most likely the agreement will include a royalty-free, non-exclusive license, to use your photographs. Of course, there are so many images on the web, the social media platform you use may never actually reproduce your work.

This all means that you, the artist, surrender the copyright art to that social media platform.

Do the sums

It is entirely a personal decision to pass your art copyrights to social media. You simply need to decide whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

There are a lot of users of social media that firmly believe if a photo is posted on social media it is automatically in the public domain. They then feel it is their right to copy the image of your art and use it in whatever manner they choose.

I recommend that you watermark photographs with the words "copyright art". This can easily be done these day's in almost all photo editing software. Set the opacity of the words to a level that does not spoil the image but still makes it clear enough to read. I suggest 25% opacity as a starting point.

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Art Copyright And What It Means

Art Copyright

art copyright


When you upload an image of your artwork here, the art copyright remains with you, the artist.

If someone wishes to use the image of your art for any reason they should obtain your prior written

consent to do so.

Reasons include using your art photograph in their publication or advertisements on websites or in print.

When you post your image on this site, you are agreeing to it’s use in advertising for the promotion of

this site only.

When, or if, a third party asks me if they can use your image, I will pass the request on to you for consideration.

This sites term can be read here.

Protection of art copyright

One thing that can be done to prevent unauthorised use is to use low resolution images.

This site “minifies” each image. If anyone should attempt to print your photo it should be pretty

much unusable.


Did you know that your art copyright means if someone asks to use your image you can charge a fee

for that use? For example, you can issue a licence for use that limits the use to a particular time frame.

Read all agreements before signing documents or uploading photographs. Competitions often have

something in the terms that say’s you are passing copyright to them by entering the competition.

Copyright of your art is important. If in doubt, consult a solicitor

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Paintings On Sale Bargain Art

Paintings On Sale

paintings on sale

When browsing the site for paintings on sale and looking for that elusive artwork that will be “just right” don’t forget to check the sidebar. That is where you will see links to special offers where paintings on sale have been reduced in price.

Artists generally have a sale of paintings when they need to clear space in their studios. Read the artists’ description for details of the reduced price artwork.

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What makes this site unique?

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Australian United Artists supports “The Fred Hollows Foundation”. Click here to donate to the Foundation. Just $25 can restore someone’s sight!

Australian Art For Sale

Australian Art For Sale

australian art for sale

This website’s main focus is Australian art for sale.

Let me explain.

I built the art gallery or shop on this site, primarily to aid Australian artists in having their artworks seen and sold, not for me to get rich. (You will see what I mean by that as you read on). That is why there is only Australian art for sale on the site. If someone was selling art that was being shipped from overseas, their account and art would be deleted.

Those who live on the islands of Australia are obviously allowed to sell their art on the site!

Not Only Oil Paintings For Sale

australian art for sale

The Australian art for sale on Australian United Artists is not only oil paintings. Artists on here can also sell ceramics or pottery. We also have a category for wood carvings or wood turnings.

Digital artists also sell their work with us. As a growing art form, I believe it is important to include digital art in our gallery.


I do charge commission on our Australian art for sale. However, it is paid by the artist only after the sale is completed and is capped at a maximum of 10%. Others charge artists a whopping 30% commission.

If you are an artist, start getting treated fairly by listing your Australian art for sale here.


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