Australian Artists Oil Painters Past And Present Part Three

Australian Artists Oil Painters Past And Present Part Three

Part three of my series highlighting Australian Artists Oil Painters Past And Present.

Australian Artist Arthur Boyd

arthur boyd

Australian Artist Arthur Boyd was from a long line of artists. This included painters, and sculptors. His  grandfather, his father, his mother and even his sister were all artists.

His early painting career began with landscapes and seascapes. During his conscription service in the war years his skills were put to use as a cartographer. He also painted some rather harrowing and even gruesome works showing people unfit for service in the war, such as cripples.

After the war he took up sculpting and pottery while also painting ceramics. He later returned to landscape art in the 1950's. There are no images available at this time suitable for use here. However, if you click the above photo you will see one of his works displayed in the Art Gallery of NSW.

Australian Artist Russell Drysdale

australian artist russel drysdale

Born in England, and settled in Melbourne in 1923, Drysdale had poor eyesight all of his life. He was virtually blind in the left eye from the age of 17 having suffered a detached retina.

He made trips to Europe in the late 1930's where he attended two art schools, the Grande Chaumiere in Paris and the Grosvenor in London. His lifeworks revolved around the Australian bush and the people who lived in it, Aboriginies.

His works are displayed both in the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of NSW. He was knighted in 1980 for his services to art.

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