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Introducing a new feature, our Australian artist profile page, on Australian United Artists. Here I explain why you need one and why you should sell art here.

australian artist profile

Why have an Australian artists profile?

Having a profile page will give art buyers a confidence boost. When people see your profile it helps them identify with you.  Your profile gives you the opportunity to let buyers know a bit more about you. What drives you, what inspires you, why did you become an artist.


If you are giving a warranty with your art, your Australian artist profile page is the place explain your warranty. A warranty may show buyers that you have confidence in your art. You do not need to offer a warranty, the form explains that.

Why Sell Art Here

Selling Art In A Fair Way

Selling art on this site is really quite straightforward. You name the price without postage charges. When a buyer goes to the checkout page they will be asked to provide certain details so that an exact postage charge can be calculated. We do this instead of simply adding $50 or even $100 to your art price then pretending that postage is free!

Charges and Payment

When the art sale is completed and payment is received, you will be paid the total sale price including the postage minus the Paypal fee of $3.40 per $100 plus site commission of between 2.5 and 10%. The % charge varies depending on whether you are selling art at a fixed price or selling art by auction.

An Example

Your sell a piece for $230 plus a postage fee of $45, so a total of $275

Total site fees amount to a maximum (using the maximum 10% commission in this example) of $36.85

You receive $238.15

An Example Of Selling Elsewhere

Your sell a piece for $230 plus a postage fee of $45, so a total of $275

Competitors site fees are 30%, so total site fees are $82.50

You would receive $192.50

That is a difference of $45.65

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