Australian Art For Sale

Australian Art For Sale

australian art for sale

This website’s main focus is Australian art for sale.

Let me explain.

I built the art gallery or shop on this site, primarily to aid Australian artists in having their artworks seen and sold, not for me to get rich. (You will see what I mean by that as you read on). That is why there is only Australian art for sale on the site. If someone was selling art that was being shipped from overseas, their account and art would be deleted.

Those who live on the islands of Australia are obviously allowed to sell their art on the site!

Not Only Oil Paintings For Sale

australian art for sale

The Australian art for sale on Australian United Artists is not only oil paintings. Artists on here can also sell ceramics or pottery. We also have a category for wood carvings or wood turnings.

Digital artists also sell their work with us. As a growing art form, I believe it is important to include digital art in our gallery.


I do charge commission on our Australian art for sale. However, it is paid by the artist only after the sale is completed and is capped at a maximum of 10%. Others charge artists a whopping 30% commission.

If you are an artist, start getting treated fairly by listing your Australian art for sale here.


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Art By Peter Kopilow For Sale By Auction

Art Auction For The Fred Hollows Foundation

I am very happy to have art by Peter Kopilow for sale by auction to aid the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Just $25 can restore someones site.

The painting being donated by Peter Kopilow is titled Mind Reflections. It is painted in acrylics and the size is 450 x 450 mm.

peter kopilow art for sale

Second Artwork For Sale

In addition to this there is a second artwork for sale by Chris Stefanis. It is simply titled Uluru. It is acrylics on stretched canvas 60 x 30 cm plus the frame.

uluru art auction

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Fred Hollows Art Auction Countdown

Fred Hollows Art Auction

The countdown to the Fred Hollows art auction continues. Nine days to go.  Art donated by Chris Stefanis and Peter Kopilow.


All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Art by Peter Kopilow

By Peter Kopilow

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Charity Art Auction For The Fred Hollows Foundation

charity art auction

I am delighted to announce that we will be holding a charity art auction for the Fred Hollows Foundation later this month. All proceeds from the auction will go to the charity.

If you want donate to the Fred Hollows Foundation use this link to go to the site. Did you know that just $25 can restore someone’s sight?

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