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Inspired Art

Do you ever look at a blank canvas wishing you could create inspired art but your brain is a complete blank? Even if you have reference material this can still happen. All artists have this version of writers block once in a while. But how do you overcome it?


inspired artwork

Ways to break the creative block

One thing you can do is get rid of the blank canvas, paper, board or whatever your choice is. Apply a pale wash over the entire surface. Burnt Sienna is a good choice. You will be amazed at how much less daunting that canvas now appears.

Alternatively, you could put away your brushes and swap to pastels, or vice versa. Using an alternative medium can change the way you approach an artwork. Why not head outside with a pencil or charcoal stick and do a drawing of your yard. Put a time limit on it. Say a five minute sketch. Do not think about it too much, draw quickly and freely.

You could try drawing without taking your eye off the subject. This will help to loosen your work up while re-inforcing your hand/coordination.

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Mural Art Opportunities For Artists

Mural Art Opportunities

If you are a mural artist, there are lots of opportunities for mural art becoming available. With the state of the world today we all know that terrorism is a real threat no matter where you live in Australia or anywhere else you would care to mention.

Where to  find work as a mural artist

Shopping precincts in all Australian cities are potential targets for low life terrorists. To protect the public, city councils are starting to place concrete barriers at the entrances to shopping precincts. These are functional but pretty ugly looking things. So I suggest that if you work in Mural Art you get on the phone or write in to your local city councils and put yourself forward with a proposal to paint the barriers.

You might also see tenders being called for in newspapers by councils seeking quotes for the decorating of the barriers. You could also check the council websites for notices too.

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Animal Rights In Australia by an Australian Artist

Animal Rights In Australia as seen by an Australian artist

Animal Rights: when we think of this we automatically envision dogs or cats that are being mis-treated by their owners, or laboratory animals being used for research purposes. But it goes much deeper than that.

Sure there are many sub-human people living in Australia who do not deserve the right to own an animal, but there are those that use their "pets" in illegal dog fights where when an animal gets severely injured, rather than taking it to a vet, it gets shot. Cock fighting still goes on too and is equally abhorrent.

Theft is a problem too

Lets not forget about the people who steal chicks from nests of rare and endangered birds. This action on serves to decimate the population of such species even more than the spread of suburbia threatens habitat. Even worse, there are those who try to smuggle our native fauna overseas, many of which will not survive the trip in less than ideal circumstances. All power to our customs officials who do a fantastic job of catching these criminals. I know that I have only touched on the tip of the iceberg here.

But what can we do about these things?

There are many organisations that you can connect with and make a difference.

PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals)

Peta believes that we do not own animals nor do we have the right to use them for articles of clothing or experiments and more.

ANIMALS AUSTRALIA is an organisation that seeks to prevent needless senseless cruelty. Examples currently in their spotlight are farmers cutting the eyes off prawns, whips used on horses in racing, live export cruelty and more.

RSPCA is the most well known organisation. You only need to watch one episode of RSPCA Animal Rescue on tv to realise how rife neglect and cruelty is in our civilised society.

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Advocacy In The Arts

Advocacy In The Arts

Firstly let's answer the question, What is advocacy in the arts? It is a way and method to establish, maintain and demonstrate public support for the arts. Arts which include you, the creative artist. This advocacy is needed at all levels in the community to hopefully increase financial investments from the business and government sectors.

It is not complicated to advocate something. The first thing to do is start a conversation about how valuable art is in our society. If the community understand the importance of art in our social and economic growth, they will tend to become more supportive of the arts in general.

It is obvious that a crowd of people will make more noise than an individual can ever do. Getting together with your peers in your specific form of art will help to have your advocacy call noticed by the decision makers. There are several ways to advocate your art or your art service. In other words, spread it around.

Here are a couple of pointers.

  • Write to your local MP and point out to him that the arts are of benefit to the community, at times serving to bring constituents together.
  • Canvas local businesses, perhaps ask for a prize in competition which serves to promote their business.
  • Submit ideas for art shows or exhibitions to local council.
  • Run a petition for support and present it to the local council.
  • Get together with artists in your area to brainstorm ideas.

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Australian Indigenous Art

Australian Indigenous Art

Australian indigenous art is almost certainly the oldest form of tradition art you will find anywhere in the world. Indigenous was first expressed in Australia as rock carvings which date to more than 30,000 years, some sources inducate that they could be as old as 50,000 years. Designs on the ground and body painting was also used in those early days.

Culture and variety

In Aboriginal culture, art has always been a part of life which serves to connect the past, the present, the dreamtime, reality, the landscape and it's people.

There is a huge variety of Australian Indigenous Art. The quality found in indigenous art shows the diverse culture and the range of differences between indigenous tribes, including the dialects and languages spoken and the terrain their lives were shaped by.

Today's indigenous art crosses a variety of artistic mediums through paper to canvas glass and wood. Modern techniques, like printmaking, are now used to complement traditional crafts.

Australian Indigenous Art
Australian Indigenous Artists

Influence of art

The way indigenous art has been produced has been altered by the artists' lives and the influence of religious forms and governing bodies. Since the first European explorers came into contact with the Australian Indigenous peoples, trade in artefacts has existed. Colonisation enabled those artefacts to be spread outside Australia and into Asia and beyond.

The prominence and success of indegenous art in today's culture is due in no small way to the efforts of Torres Straits and Aboriginal artists. A huge role has been played by, in particular, painters, who have made not only Australia but the rest of the world aware of the value and rich history of Australian Indigenous Art.

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