Stay Wet Palette And How To Make Your Own

How To Make Your Own Stay Wet Palette

stay wet palette

What is a stay wet palette? It is normally a palette with a removable lid that seals the paint from the air. Given what they are made of they are also expensive.

Have you ever wished that you could preserve the palette of paints you are currently using? More to the point, would you like them to stay workable for days?

This is how to make your own, for peanuts!

Buy a plastic container with a hinged or removable lid.

stay wet palette
By Danny Choo from Tokyo, Japan

There are lots to choose from.e solution

Put a sheet of absorbent kitchen roll in the lid. It is best in the lid for access to paints. Then cut a piece of greaseproof paper to cover the kitchen roll.

stay wet pallette

Before use, remove the greaseproof paper, drizzle a little water over the kitchen roll, replace the top layer and mix paints.

stay-wet palette

Close the lid (which is really the base) at the end of your session to keep paints fresh and workable for days.

I have used this for a long time now with acrylic paints and it definitely works. So for the cost of two or three dollars, you have a reuseable palette that will stay wet with the bonus of a throw away top layer which means no cleanup.

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Who can sell art on our site

Who can sell art on our site

who can sell art

It seems that there is some confusion as to who can sell art on Australian United Artists. Not only that, some people are unsure if the art they wish to sell is acceptable.

  • Did you create the artwork in Australia?
  • Is it original as opposed to a copy?*
  • Will you post it to the buyer from an Australian address?

Answer yes to all three and you are right to go.

OK. That is one sorted. Now to the other item we should discuss.

Does your art fit the site's vision

Let's say that you have an original artwork by an Australian artist that you purchased as an investment. It was painted in Australia. It depicts an Australian scene.

You have decided it is time to sell it. Can you sell it on this site?

The short answer is, no.

The reason it is not allowed is because of the sites vision,

"The vision of this site is to show art for sale by bringing together artists of all genres and lovers of original art"

If you are selling someone else's art, it does not fit into that ethos.

*(Limited edition prints excepted)

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Original Art For Sale By Artist

Original Art For Sale By Artist

For art buyers

Are you looking for original art for sale by artist? At Australian United Artists we only sell original art. When you browse the gallery you will see a variety of styles and mediums used by artists on display.

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Original art for sale by artist

If you are an artist creating art is any of the following genres, you can sell on Australian United Artists. Commissions are capped at 10% *(see note)

  • Abstract Art
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No need to register to sell, just use the form here to submit art for sale.

*Site commission fees vary from 2.5% to 10% plus the PayPal fee of $2.60 for every $100 plus 30 cents.

For example. If you sold a painting for $300, your fees would amount to $38.10. You would receive $261.90 for the sale of a $300 work.

Full terms can be read here or from the terms link at the bottom of any page.

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Selling safely

Paintings By Australian Artists

Paintings By Australian Artists

paintings by australian artists

Paintings by Australian artists are always available to buy on Australian United Artists. The site is open to a whole range of creative artists to showcase their work and get art sold. Our commissions are capped at 10%.

Other art genres

As hinted at above, just about any type of creative art can be sold on the site, not only artists who paint in oils.

Acrylic artists, watercolourists, pastel artists and those working with mixed media can also be found here. We also have listing categories for artists creating abstract art, drawing and sketching.

Artists who are sculptors, those who produce blown glass, leadlight glass and moulded glass ornamental works.

Then we have categories for artisans working with timber, creating wood turnings, carvings and more.

No listing fee

Creative artists do not pay any listing fees on Australian United Artists. Our site commissions range from 2.5% to a maximum of 10%. This means artists can get their work sold economically by either fixed price or even by auction.

Oh, and watch out on Twitter @_australianart (not to be confused with @australianart) for our next charity auction with all proceeds to go to The Fred Hollows Foundation

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Get My Art Seen

Get My Art Seen

Artists' are always asking themselves the question, "How can I get my art seen".

Art listings

You can be sure that when you list your art for sale on Australian United Artists, it will be seen.

I can say that with confidence because no matter what the subject matter, style or medium every listing on the site is shown on several social media channels. They include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Path and Google +.

I have been asked why we use a form for art submissions instead of an auto listing tool. This is because in addition to the social media sharing mentioned, each and every listing received is optimised for SEO by our own webmaster. That is why we do not use an auto-listing tool as other sites do.

Why are fees so low?

This is another question that regularly crops up. Our commission fees are capped at a low 10%. The reasoning behind this is simple.

The site is owned and operated by an artist who is tired of the ridiculously high commission fees asked for by both bricks and mortar galleries and our competitors in the Australian art market.

Sending art

It may seem obvious, but the question still gets asked, "When do I post my sold art?"

Never send your art until you have received the payment from the site. We will never ask you to send art before you have been paid.

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