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Art For Sale Australia

art for sale australia

Art for sale Australia

When looking for art for sale Australia, you are no doubt hoping to buy original art. Artists selling art on 

this site all guarantee that their art is one of two things.

Original Art, or a Limited Edition Print.

Those are the two overarching categories or principals we adhere to. Of course artists can depict any subject they wish in

their art.

It could be natures window in Kalbarri, the beaches of Hamilton Island, The Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, whatever the

artist chooses.

Art Format and Medium

Our site is open to all artists. Those who paint, draw, sculpt, carve, turn and enamel. As I am the site owner and also an

artist I treat other artists fairly.

By that I mean the commission charges on this site are certainly among the lowest in the industry. Also, the commission

is charged against the sale price, ie; the freight cost is not included in commission calculations.

Site security

art for sale australia

The site is secured by SSL technology and has the Trustwave Site Seal at checkout for your peace of mind.

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