Are you Selling Art Online?

Selling Art Online

There are a number of reasons to start selling art online.

It is cost effective, you gain a wider audience, it can be shared by visitors through social media are just three of the reasons.

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This site's vision.

The Australian United Artists vision, in a nutshell, is for artists to get their work sold economically. For example, if you list art on the site for the $2.99 fee you get full SEO optimisation on the artwork to enable search engines to find it. In fact, no matter which option you choose to list under each and every piece of artwork listed gets treated to full SEO optimisation.

Selling Art

Look at the comparison of costs:

Australian United Artists: Art price $100. PayPal fee $2.90. Commission Fee 10% (fees range from 2.5 to 10%), you get $87.10.
Competitor site: Art price $100. Commission fee 30%. you get $70.00.

This site its blog and forum are owned, operated and maintained by me, Chris Stefanis, in Perth, Western Australia.

Why you need to be careful where you sell your art

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