Animal Rights In Australia by an Australian Artist

Animal Rights In Australia as seen by an Australian artist

Animal Rights: when we think of this we automatically envision dogs or cats that are being mis-treated by their owners, or laboratory animals being used for research purposes. But it goes much deeper than that.

Sure there are many sub-human people living in Australia who do not deserve the right to own an animal, but there are those that use their "pets" in illegal dog fights where when an animal gets severely injured, rather than taking it to a vet, it gets shot. Cock fighting still goes on too and is equally abhorrent.

Theft is a problem too

Lets not forget about the people who steal chicks from nests of rare and endangered birds. This action on serves to decimate the population of such species even more than the spread of suburbia threatens habitat. Even worse, there are those who try to smuggle our native fauna overseas, many of which will not survive the trip in less than ideal circumstances. All power to our customs officials who do a fantastic job of catching these criminals. I know that I have only touched on the tip of the iceberg here.

But what can we do about these things?

There are many organisations that you can connect with and make a difference.

PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals)

Peta believes that we do not own animals nor do we have the right to use them for articles of clothing or experiments and more.

ANIMALS AUSTRALIA is an organisation that seeks to prevent needless senseless cruelty. Examples currently in their spotlight are farmers cutting the eyes off prawns, whips used on horses in racing, live export cruelty and more.

RSPCA is the most well known organisation. You only need to watch one episode of RSPCA Animal Rescue on tv to realise how rife neglect and cruelty is in our civilised society.

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