Using Alternative Art Surfaces Part 2

Alternative Art Surfaces For The Lazy Artist

alternative art

Have you ever looked at your palette after a painting session and drooped your shoulders. Cleaning palettes is never fun.

Well perhaps you do not need to. If you read my post on making a stay wet palette you already have the best solution.

There are other alternatives though.

alternative art

The good old paper plate. You can buy a pack of 50  300mm oval plates size from eBay for under $15. That's around 29 cents per plate. Use them and bin them when finished. Remember this is for the laz artist not the poor one.

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alternative art

Then there are porcelain (china) plates. These can be picked up from thrift shops for a few cents.

alternative art

Yep, baking trays. Also something available cheaply from thrift shops. Either get a nonstick one or use kitchen paper as a liner that can be thrown away.

Coming up last is the old frypan. Again a non-stick one is best. These can be bought from Red Dot etc very cheaply too.

alternative art


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