Affordable Art Australia – A Fair Go For All Australian Artists

Are you looking to buy affordable art Australia? Australian United Artists has a range of art to suit all budgets.

The art on this site is all by Australian artists. There are paintings on canvas and canvas board. We also have watercolour paintings for sale. There are oil paintings too.

Affordable Digital Art Australia

Yes we have digital artists selling digital paintings. This is probably the only site that include digital art for sale as a real art genre. The art world is constantly changing and digital art has progressed massively.



Paint pouring is another artistic form you will find on the pages of the art gallery shop. Using this technique, the artist can achieve remarkable results where the paint appears to resemble marble, or makes mysterious swirls of colour that lead the eye to the main subject which may be painted using the same or traditional techniques.


Ceramic art include dolls, plates, pottery and figurines. We have two ceramic dolls for sale at the time of writing. All ceramic artists are welcome to sell on the site. There is no upfront cost and you do not even need to register to sell your art.

Woodcraft for sale

We are currently seeking artists who work with wood. There are categories for wood turners and wood carvers to sell their wooded artworks.


Regardless of which artwork for sale that you purchase, it will be carefully packed by the artist and sent to you direct from the artists studio. Postage is calculated using Australia Post calculators when you complete your address in the checkout. This is fairer than what is done on some other site where they simply add perhaps $100 or more to the price of the art (then cheekily say free postage).

Fees for selling

If you are an artist thinking of selling on this site, you will find the fees very attractive.

We charge a maximum of 12.6% including the PayPal fees of 2.6%. Our own fees are capped at a maximum of 10%.

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