Advocacy In The Arts

Advocacy In The Arts

Firstly let's answer the question, What is advocacy in the arts? It is a way and method to establish, maintain and demonstrate public support for the arts. Arts which include you, the creative artist. This advocacy is needed at all levels in the community to hopefully increase financial investments from the business and government sectors.

It is not complicated to advocate something. The first thing to do is start a conversation about how valuable art is in our society. If the community understand the importance of art in our social and economic growth, they will tend to become more supportive of the arts in general.

It is obvious that a crowd of people will make more noise than an individual can ever do. Getting together with your peers in your specific form of art will help to have your advocacy call noticed by the decision makers. There are several ways to advocate your art or your art service. In other words, spread it around.

Here are a couple of pointers.

  • Write to your local MP and point out to him that the arts are of benefit to the community, at times serving to bring constituents together.
  • Canvas local businesses, perhaps ask for a prize in competition which serves to promote their business.
  • Submit ideas for art shows or exhibitions to local council.
  • Run a petition for support and present it to the local council.
  • Get together with artists in your area to brainstorm ideas.

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advocacy in the arts
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