About Australian United Artist

Australian United Artists

Australian United Artists is an online art gallery wholly owned and operated by an Australian artist residing in West Australia.

The vision of this art gallery is to bring together art and art lovers and to do so without charging huge commission fees. See the fee structure here.

If you look through the site and do not see a category for your artistic creations, use the contact form to let me know and I will get one created to suit.

For example, there is not currently a category for Glass Art. But there easily can be. The reason it is not on the site yet, is that buyers would be annoyed looking at empty pages. I was asked to include graphite and drawing categories around 9 pm on Apr 30th. They were added on April 31st.

About Me

My name is Chris. I am in my 50's, married, two children.

The Website

The Australian United Artists website is hosted in Australia, by an Aussie company so both your and my money stays in Australia and does not go overseas.

All types of artists are welcome on the site. Whether you paint, blow glass, make ceramics or pottery. wood carvings or turnings. This website is not only a place to sell your art. There is also a free forum for artists to engage and learn from each other. You do not need to have art for sale to join the forum.

Australian United Artists' will only sell Australian Art.

You, the artist are guaranteeing that your art is original.

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Any further questions?

See the Faq's or use the contact form.