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The vision of this site is to show art for sale by bringing together artists of all genres and lovers of original art. We provide a secure shopping experience.

Original art for sale from Australian artists.

You will find original art for sale by Australian artists in our gallery pages. Commission fees are capped at 10%. This gives artists the ability to sell their art an affordable price.

Australian United Artists only sells original Australian Art.

Original Australian art is defined as art that was created in Australia by an Australian artist. You might come across, let's say, a painting of something that is not Australian. Maybe London Bridge. As long as it has been painted by an Australian and will be posted in Australia it is classed by this site as Australian Art.

Categories of Art For Sale

Categories available for browsing are abstract art for sale, acrylic paintings for sale, ceramic art, digital paintings for sale, drawing and sketching. Plus glass art sales, mixed media artworks, oil paintings for sale, pastel artworks, sculptures for sale, watercolour paintings, wood carvings and wood turnings for sale.


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Paintings for sale in Australia

Who Can Sell Art

All types of artists can sell through the site. Painters, potters, sculptors, carvers, turners. All of these genres of art can be sold here. Art can also be sold by auction on Australian United Artists.

Register To Sell Art?

There is no need to register to sell art on this site as there are no upfront costs.


After You Buy Artwork

First, after you buy art, your payment will be forwarded to the artist. Then the artist will pack your art carefully. Your art will be sent directly to you from the Australian artist who created the artwork.

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Site Owner

This site is owned and operated by an Australian artist in Western Australia. Because I believe in supporting the Australian economy, the site is also hosted by an Australian company.

I am a premium member of The National Association For The Visual Arts.

Artist Seeking Commisions

Are you, or do you know of, an artist seeking commissions?

Any artist looking to secure a commission for their work can advertise their-selves on the site for free. There is no obligation to sell your art through the site to advertise.

The conditions of advertising are that a) You realise that your email and name will be visible, b) You understand that this free service can be withdrawn at the site owners discretion.

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